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The Deep and the Shallow - Jim Abernethy

The Deep and the Shallow:
Photographers Exploring a Watery World

November 22, 2013 through January 18, 2014

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Palm Beach County’s coast is closer to the Gulf Stream than any other on the eastern seaboard. Man’s proximity to the deep has inspired many artists to capture the wonders of the sea through a camera lens. Salty images are not the only watery interpretations – many are also inspired by the marshes, rivers and lakes that are the start to the Everglades.

Artwork on display will feature conventional photographic techniques on land as well underwater methods that capture the spirit of the sea. Images will be presented in multiple formats: from traditional frames to prints face-mounted on Plexiglas to artwork inlayed on surfboards. The exhibition will include photographs from the areas most accomplished photographers as well as some emerging talents.

Featured photographers include:

  • Jim Abernethy
  • Tony Arruza
  • Alan Dewey
  • Alex Dreyfoos
  • JD Duff
  • Christopher Leidy
  • John Lopinot
  • Tony Ludovico
  • Jennifer Podis
  • Dave Snyder
  • Judy Townsend
  • Mark Widick

Support provided by:


Palm Beach County Art Teachers Association

Palm Beach County Art Teachers Association

September 20 through November 9

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The art teachers in public and private schools in this county inspire our students through their instruction and mentorship. This exhibition will showcase art produced by teachers from the Palm Beach County Art Teachers Association who all too often are sequestered in the classroom and unknown to the general public and to collectors.

PBCATA, since the early 1980s, raises money that goes directly to their scholarship fund. Every year, two scholarships are awarded in the amount of $1,000 each to students pursuing a college degree in the Visual Arts. Along with raising money for the scholarships, PBCATA also sponsors ribbons annually for the South Florida Fair and the Palm Beach County School District Annual K-12 Student Art Exhibition. More information can be found at

Special support from:

County Contemporary

County Contemporary: All Media Juried Show

June 14 through September 7

The Cultural Council is pleased to showcase art by Palm Beach County artists working in a wide variety of media. This open call to Palm Beach County artists was juried by Mark Richard Leach, Executive Director of the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Leach has held curatorial posts in contemporary art in Arkansas, Montana, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Ohio. The juried process was handled through Juried Art Services, a Palm Beach County-based organization who has juried some of the nation’s leading juried events.

Congratulations to our juried show winners:

  • Best in Show: Isabel Gouveia, De-Composition–Experiment 1317
  • Second Place: Virginia McKinney, Washed Ashore
  • Third Place: Dennis Aufiery, Jacknife Bridge
  • People’s Choice Award: Carin Wagner, Shelter

Featured Artists: Emalee Andre, Molly Aubry, Dennis Aufiery, Carolyn Barth, Katie Deits, Alyssa di Edwardo, Patricia Donaldson, Kerry Eriksen, Judy Flescher, Mark Forman, Alessandra Gieffers, TD Gillispie, Irwin Goldman, Isabel Gouveia, Cecily Hangen, Martin Johnson, Bertrand Jubert, Ruth Katz, Joan Lustig, Cynthia Maronet, Ted Matz, Virginia McKinney, Melinda Moore, Pamela Myers, Daniel Neumann, Susan Oakes, Hilary Pulitzer, Debbie Rubin, Erica Rukin, Barbara Schwartz, Roxene Sloate, Wayne Stephens, Nancy Tart, Carin Wagner, Donna Walsh, Barbara Wasserman


Artist as Author

Artist as Author

March 16, 2013 through May 18

Many artists in various creative disciplines express themselves through books. Artists sometimes engage in the publishing activity simply to expose more people to their art, through the photographs of their art as well as essays focused on the meaning and techniques associated with making the work. Other artists find satisfaction and success in writing content for books that is totally unrelated or perhaps only tangentially connected to their own work.

In Palm Beach County, many artists reside and create art and have expressed their creativity as an author, including painters, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, architects, interior designers, and the list goes on. The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County is proud to present both the art and the books created by these exceptional creative people through an exhibition and lecture series taking place at our headquarters.

Tom Otterness - Battle of the Sexes

Tom Otterness

November 24 through March 2

In 1982, dozens of bulbous, laboring bodies were cast and mounted in a monumental work of art in what is now the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building. Greeting patrons as they enter the space, these incessant and steadfast working figures, each no more than nine inches tall, climb, construct, and carry, languidly working with (or against?) each other in a 17-panel plaster frieze titled “Battle of the Sexes”. In an architectural style that crowns and frames the room, the artist Tom Otterness references art historical concepts as well as anthropological issues and contemporary societal themes of gender, labor and equality. This exhibition includes over 30 works by Otterness from the same era as the frieze and provides context. The exhibition focuses on the process and the creation of the objects, from a simple sketch to the final patinated bronze sculpture. Some objects have never been publicly exhibited before.


Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center

Solo exhibitions generously funded by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation JP Morgan Chase logo

Judith Shah - Purple Float

Judith Shah

November 12 through December 14

After graduating from Boston University with her MFA, Judith Shah has continued to teach and exhibit internationally since the late 1980s. Working early with print making and sculpture emulating various organic forms, she began working with acrylic and mixed media on canvas with a non-objective style that seems to develop subconsciously. A few of the legendary mid-20th century influences are Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings and Robert Motherwell’s collages but Shah composes her own ideas with a fusion of these techniques and styles. Shah has works in multiple public and private collections throughout the United States.


Curtis Kelly

November 12 through December 14

The relation of interior versus exterior and the merging of the two is where Curtis Kelly finds herself with this latest body of work. Architectural elements are incorporated to both physically and psychologically create tension and release. As Kelly states, “My goal is to harmonize the romance of modern architecture with the edge of futuristic abstraction.” This nationally-recognized artist finds these elements combining to create new imagined landscapes in a seemingly weightless realm. Kelly has shown in exhibitions from coast to coast and has been featured in such publications as the Art of the Times and The New York Times.

Annette Rawlings - Palm Beach Dream No 4

Annette Rawlings

October 12 through November 9

Annette Rawlings has been compared to notable modern masters over her 40-plus year career. The simplicity of Rawlings’ paintings in style and composition lend a lyrical yet controlled fluidity to the canvas. Her reclining figurative forms flow effortlessly into subtle landscapes emblazoned with the colors of the southwestern sky. Her portraits, with hues developed specifically for each painting, imbue a fancifully honest view of each sitter. Modigliani’s portraiture, Gauguin’s colors and Leger’s lines influenced Rawlings’ work, though her painting speaks with a self-composed voice all her own.

Our Eyes Our World - Homesafe

Our Eyes, Our World (in conjunction with HomeSafe)

September 7 through October 5

Our Eyes, Our World is a result of the important rehabilitative efforts being conducted through Arts Away – one of HomeSafe’s unique therapeutic arts classes for teens and young children. This special program displays a collection of works created by children victimized by domestic violence who are participating in HomeSafe’s SafetyNet domestic violence program. The exhibit partially coincides with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which takes place throughout October. Therapists and teaching artists who have worked with these children are: Elaine Donaghue and Sherry Weinschenk of the Center for Healing Arts and Expression in Delray Beach, Steve Brouse, Sharon Koskoff, and Tracy Rosof-Petersen. All works created were based on themes of safety, overcoming and life after violence.

We Were Here

We Were Here (in conjunction with the Glades Historical Society)

June 29 through August 31, 2013

The exhibit, titled “We Were Here: The People of the Belle Glade Culture Welcomed You in 1513,” depicts the people who lived throughout the Kissimmee River/Lake Okeechobee Basin from Lake Kissimmee to Boynton Beach. Produced by the Lawrence E. Will Museum: A Museum of the Glades in Belle Glade, “We Were Here” tells of their habitat, origins, way of life, contact with Europeans, end and disappearance, and how they were discovered again.

Widick - Storm Clouds

Mark Widick

April 20 through May 18

Even though Mark Widick took the practical route in following his “Granddaddy Doctor’s” footsteps, his foray into photography was inevitable. Moving to Cocoa Beach, he found himself in his formative years surrounded by astronauts in the heyday of the American space program. This, coupled with popular space-themed television programming and photographing the Apollo 15 liftoff, fueled his passion even further to ultimately turn his hobby into a profession while continuing to practice medicine. Widick’s stunning Space Shuttle launch series captures the awe and beauty of our nation’s scientific achievements in a light that truly comes from the subject itself. Learn more about Mark Widick

Manon Sander - Afterglow

Manon Sander

March 16 through April 13
Manon Sander’s artistic career began as a child while living in Germany drawing and painting with her brother. Later upon moving to America, she continued to explore her passion for the arts through various media, styles and subject matter to eventually find that oils were her best medium. Studying with renowned artists from California to Cape Cod, she took her newly acquired knowledge and focused on taking artistic liberties in her painting. On her artistic journey she has discovered her passion for painting what, according to Sander: “grabs her attention [and] turns her day into fantastic.” Sander is currently represented by Ortiz-Smykla Gallery in West Palm Beach’s Northwood Village and Virtual Global Art at The Jupiter Yacht Harbor in Jupiter.

Barbara Baily - Cityscape

Barbara Bailey

March 16 through April 13

After years of utilizing traditional painting styles – landscape, figurative, portrait, etc. – Bailey has turned to abstraction as her latest passion. She finds the rhythm of painting, the texture of the patterns and the music of the colors all reveling on the canvas in a harmonious balance that helps her to express, for example, what “‘Spring’ feels like.” Bailey graduated Cum Laude from Mount St. Mary’s College in New York, and went on to study the medium of watercolor at the Jacaruso Studio in Rhinebeck, New York. After several years of operating a successful Bed and Breakfast business in the Hudson Valley, she retired and moved to Lake Worth, where she continued studying at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach.

Dina Gustin Baker - Baker Milford Sound

Dina Gustin Baker

February 9 through March 9

For Dina Gustin Baker, painting is “poetry without words, music without sound and freedom without loss.” Through that personal quote, her paintings convey her true self: a woman who is steadfast, strong, absolute and an artistic force. Baker’s career began in the early 40s with conversations with Dr. Barnes of the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA, having been awarded a scholarship to the Art Students League in NYC, and soon enough surrounded by the true greats of their time – Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning, the list goes on. Though influenced by such prolific men, her style has remained true to herself as a painter and as a woman. Baker’s experiment in style in her studio practice, from the early figurative pieces to her broad abstract strokes to the more tumultuous and seemingly consciously applied touches, communicates her adaptability and ingenuity in form, space and color. Though this body of work on display is merely a glimpse into Baker’s oeuvre, the work illustrates her life experienced and life lived. View more of her work online at

International Kinetic Exhibit and Symposium

International Kinetic Exhibit and Symposium

January 12 through February 2, 2013

The Cultural Council provides a sneak preview of two kinetic artists, Cork Marcheschi and Ralfonso, whose work will be on display in the International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium held in Boynton Beach, FL. This major art event will transcend typical art fairs, bringing international attention to South Florida. The larger exhibition will focus on educational and technilogical advancements in art. The exhibition and symposium runs from February 8-10, 2013, and will educate and engage a diverse audience about public art. Visit for more information and to view the schedule of events.