The ritual of tea has long been an integral part of many cultures. The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens offers regular demonstrations devoted to the art—and in March, the Armory Art Center hosted its own workshop. To celebrate the tradition, five Armory artists showcase their beautiful creations.

Photography by Ashley Meyer


Michael Blair Lake Worth art&culture magazine

“In this hybrid teapot, some see a fish while others see a bird. I see a combination of both. It has been said that this teapot looks like it’s singing.”
Michael Blair, Lake Worth; porcelain teapot ($300)




Ron Shaw teapot - art&culture magazine

“This is a teapot with a built-in tea strainer. The body, lid, spout, and handle were all thrown on the wheel and then assembled. The tea strainer on the interior of the pot was hand-built and installed into the wall of the pot before I attached the spout.”
Ron Shaw, Boca Raton; stoneware teapot ($250)




Aya Bendat Teapot art&culture magazine

“I am inspired by traditional Chinese and European porcelain and cobalt decoration. I like to give the pot an unexpected twist, so it breaks that tradition and yet leans on its ethos.”
Aya Bendat, Palm Beach; porcelain teapot and plate ($450)




Ying Zhou West Palm Beach art&culture magazine

“Tea culture in China is an ancient tradition. In my home, it is standard practice and simple, and this is the type of pot we use. The hand-painted brushwork is also traditional, done in the porcelain white and cobalt blue style.”
Ying Zhou, West Palm Beach; porcelain teapot ($200)




Diane Landman West Palm Beach art&culture magazine

“I’m inspired by the beauty and vibrant colors of my tropical surroundings, yet my inspiration stems from a fascination developed from the bold energy of street art I saw and loved as a young child in New York. My goal is to create interesting, functional, and artful objects that can be enjoyed daily.”
Diane Landman, West Palm Beach; porcelain teapot set with storage canister and four teacups ($125)



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