Space Odyssey 2019

Palm Beach Photographic Centre

June 20 – August 3

One’s perspective shifts when one lives for an entire year—as Commander Scott Kelly, and no other American astronaut in history, has—in the isolating, grueling, and utterly unforgiving vacuum of space. Kelly’s photos prove that this perspective—from 250 miles above earth—while hard-won, is also almost unspeakably beautiful.

In this stunning exhibition, Kelly captures sunsets, moonrises, the aurora borealis, and the luminous, hazy tapestry of the Milky Way. He presents snapshots of life and work on the International Space Station, from spacewalks to selfies. But above all—or floating amid all—he takes the earth itself as his celestial muse. Here are hurricanes, wrinkled mountains, New York City shining like a galaxy—glorious photographs that are, in themselves, a passionate argument for the preservation of our planet in the face of climate change and environmental destruction.

Tickets: Free

Palm Beach Photographic Centre,
415 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL, 33401 (Get Directions)

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