2014 Muse Awards

Mar 13, 2014 6:00 PM
Registration Closed
Muse Award Co-Chairs
Bruce A. Beal and Sallie Korman
Bruce A. Beal
Sallie Korman

The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County's Muse Awards honor outstanding individuals for their contributions to arts and culture and the amazing cultural community we enjoy every day in Palm Beach County. This year's theme is Fusion: a blend of two divergent ideas to make something beautiful.

Funds raised from the Muse Awards directly impact the lives of Palm Beach County students by allowing them to experience local arts and cultural organizations. The current economic challenges have affected our schools, as well as the arts and culture organizations. Budget cuts have forced schools to severely reduce educational field trips and funding for art supplies including musical instruments. This lack of funding prevents students from being challenged in ways that the classroom alone cannot provide. Your support is critical.

Your support of the 2014 Muse Awards can provide arts and culture for 149,000 children in 187 schools in Palm Beach County. All children deserve an equal opportunity for academic and personal success.
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Premier Benefactor

PNC Bank
Mr. Bruce A Beal
Mr. Francis V. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Sharf
Mr. and Mrs. Berton E. Korman
Elite Sponsors
Edith R. Dixon
JP Morgan
Palm Beach Kennel Club
Joseph and Kelly Rooney
Suzanne Niedland and Larry De George
Executive Award Sponsors
Dina Baker
Roe Green and the Roe Green Foundation
Jim and Irene Karp
Patrick Park, Park Foundation


Supporter Award Sponsors
Cecile Draime
Florida Power & Light Company
Betsy K. Matthews
Bruce and Robbi Toll
Mrs. Lee Wolf
Patron Sponsors
Flower Market
Peg and Lee Greenspon
Priscilla Heublein
Judy and Stanley Katz
Jane and Leonard Korman
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Matthews
Olympusat, Inc.
Luann and Bill Parmelee
Sandra Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. S. Lawrence Schlager


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Event Information

Kravis Center, Cohen Pavilion
701 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
(561) 471-2901

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