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At the Cultural Council's home in downtown Lake Worth, 2,500 square feet of flexible gallery space showcases ongoing temporary exhibitions focused on art made in or unique to Palm Beach County. The exhibitions educate the public about art and artists, and provide exposure to artists in Palm Beach County so they can be more successful. The gallery features long exhibitions and each month will also showcase additional, one-person exhibitions.


Main Gallery

October 31 through December 6, 2014

Monochrome is the use of a single color in a work of art. This seemingly simple process introduces many challenges for the artist. For the photographer, it requires an entirely new way of seeing. For example, the colors red and green when translated into a monochromatic image look almost exactly the same because of their position in the color spectrum. For the painter, variations of one color give an image form. It is a much more difficult task than simply adding a new color. For the sculptor, three dimensional shapes are vital to the final piece. The way light curves around a shape on a block of white marble gives it dimension. The challenge is to control those shapes from all viewing angles.

This exhibition demonstrates how 14 Palm Beach County artists have mastered this process in their own medium. Artists on display are Vincent Cacace, Joel Cohen, Misoo Filan, Mark Forman, Stephen Futej, Jacek Gancarz, William Halliday, Mimi Langlois, Kandy Lopez, Sally Ordile, Michael Price, Scherer & Ouporov, Thomas L Tribby and Harvey Zipkin.

Monchrome - Joel Cohen GMC

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Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center

Solo exhibitions generously funded by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Solo Exhibitions

Dena LyonsNovember 22 through January 3
Reception: December 13, 3 - 5 p.m.

Dena Lyons
Graduating from The Dreyfoos School of the Arts in 1998, Dena Lyons continued her studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as well as the highly acclaimed Marchutz School of Painting and Drawing in Aix en Provence. Recently she has spent time working on internationally commissioned projects as well as showing in prominent galleries around the world. Andre Derain and the Fauves (the first painter group from France to break with Impressionistic tradition and use more bold, vibrant colors straight from the tube) are major influences of Lyons as well as David Hockney and Alice Neel. Her most recent work utilizes one object: a tree alone.


Carin WagnerCarin Wagner
As light is an ephemeral concept, when used in art, the moment captured can be more important than the subject itself. Carin Wagner's illuminated canvases capture more than just light-she captures the subject so realistically it almost seems tangible. Her inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the world around us. Wagner states: "As an artist I strive to paint each flower and leaf at its most magnificent moment. Taking great care with the fine details takes considerably more time than an impressionistic approach, but I feel it is the only way to do sufficient justice to these incredible gifts of nature." Her work has won multiple awards and has been shown nationally.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for The Everglades Education Fund and the Natural Science Education programs of MacArthur Beach State Park.

Free saplings donated by Native Choice Nursery
Hors d'oeuvres and wine donated by Whole Foods

Arthur R Marshall Foundation for the Everglades Native Choice Nursery Whole Foods Market


Upcoming Exhibitions


Main Gallery

Paws and Claws: Animals in Art
December 19, 2014 through February 21, 2015


Sculpture Selections from the Studio
March 6 through May 2, 2015


Cultural Council Biennial 2015
May 16 through August 29, 2015


Solo Exhibitions

Solo exhibitions generously funded by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Barbara Wasserman | Muriel Kaplan
January 10 through February 7, 2015


Anne Zuckerberg | Matthew Vought
February 14 through March 14, 2015


Barry Seidman
March 21 through April 18, 2015


Karen Salup | Vicki Siegel
April 25 through May 23, 2015


Past Exhibitions: 2014 | 2013 | 2012

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