Art in Public Places


Palm Beach County

The Palm Beach County Art in Public Places program is managed by the Facilities Development and Operations Department of Palm Beach County. The mission of the program is to provide art that complements public buildings, parks and plazas; creates a sense of place and enhances community identity; improves the design quality of public infrastructure; and contributes to the missions of the county departments where projects are sited.

What We Do

  • Provide administrative and technical support to The Palm Beach County Public Art Committee.
  • Manage the installation of all artwork in and on County property.
  • Administer the Palm Beach County Artist Registry.
  • Expand the traditional definitions of art and broaden the understanding of public art benefits through community education.



City of Boynton Beach

Why Art in Public Places
Our mission is to integrate the arts into the greater community. The purpose is to stimulate cultural interaction, education and economic development by selecting, siting, installing and maintaining public art.

How We are Funded
The Art in Public Places program is funded through a one-percent public art impact fee. As development occurs, public art is integrated into the architecture, infrastructure, landscape and greenways throughout Boynton Beach.

Our Successes


Our Dream

The vision for Art in Public Places Program is to connect the cultural environment in Boynton Beach with the global community.




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